Losing Things

by Mark Schirmacher

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Losing Things is a collection of ten brand new songs by Indie-Folk artist, Mark Schirmacher. The album traces one man's journey as he recounts his life's memories before age-related memory loss steals them away.

Mark's thoughts on the songs:
“I wanted to create something that holds together as a continuous narrative following a single character’s arc, or something that could be enjoyed as a collection of stand-alone cuts, each with their own story to tell. The individual songs come from different places - my personal life, my family tree, my imagination - but they hold together well as a single expression, I think."

Mark's thoughts on working with Christian Andrews and the recording process:
“Working with Christian kept things focused for me, and his style is a great balance of structure, creativity, and openness to new material that I would bring into the studio. We decided to go through the official demoing process to define and refine the songs before hitting the studio, and that proved to be a really useful step. We got to nail down the 'finished' versions before bringing them to the band, and we got a leg-up on what instruments and sounds we wanted for the final mixes."

Mark's thoughts on the sound of the record:
"Using the folk song as a vehicle and backdrop, the continuous thread the listener can follow is my voice, my acoustic guitar, and my harmonica. That's the start of everything for me. Along the way, we'd talk about adding this instrument or that musician to bring out certain elements buried in the music. Elements I couldn't access on my own. Because of so many amazing people showing up to play, the sound of the record moves between Americana, jazz, baroque-folk, acoustic-chill, and straight up singer-songwriter stuff."

Mark's thoughts on working with vocalist, Carrie Boberg:
"We've known each other for a very long time. When the song 'Sleep' started taking shape during the writing and demoing process, I heard Carrie's lush alto in my head and knew that there was a place for her on this record. Honestly, she sort of steals the show. She just shines so bright."

Losing Things is Schirmacher's third studio album since 2015's Broken Hearts Shine. To learn more about the tour schedule, read his blog, or to get in contact with Mark, visit markschirmacher.com.


released September 13, 2019

Recorded at Winterland Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 2018 - March 2019

Produced by Christian Andrews and Mark Schirmacher

Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Christian Andrews
Assistant Engineering by Zachary Schilling and Kosh
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photography by Carl Stover
Art direction, illustration, and layout by Alexis Politz

All songs written by Mark Schirmacher ©2019 CATINABOX (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mark Schirmacher Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mark Schirmacher is an American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. For information on bookings or collaborations, visit www.markschirmacher.com.

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Track Name: Tomorrow
Tomorrow I’m gonna go looking for you
I know you’re good, I know you’re true
but I’m busy dreaming and I’m not quite through
tomorrow I’m gonna go looking for you

I remember what you said in high school
that you’d never leave me no matter how blue
& right now those words are ringing true
tomorrow I’m gonna go looking for you

Tomorrow I’m gonna go looking for you
by the mountain streams and the dive bars too
talking to strangers who want a piece of you
tomorrow I’m gonna go looking for you

So many doings I’d like to undo
And strong emotions I could never prove
But just last night she heard it too
Tomorrow I’m gonna go looking for you
Track Name: Never Gonna Let You Go (that easily tonight)
I open up my mind to let you drift inside
an itty bitty window with a little bit of grime
a plan and 50 kisses to water down your fight
I’m never gonna let you go (that easily tonight)

I open up my heart to let you slip inside
the door is on my sleeve and your room is on the right
we’ve shared this space together on a thousand sleepless nights
I’m never gonna let you go (that easily tonight)

Take off your shoes, take off your hat
take your sweet, sweet time about it and then take off more than that
we may not have tomorrow so destroy me with your love tonight

I open up my arms to let you rest inside
it’s been a long day and I’ve got a lot of time
so come on over and give me a taste ‘cuz you’re gone by the morning light
I’m never gonna let you go (that easily tonight)
Track Name: Sleep
Sleep, mother sleep
your children are around you
memories surround you and your brother is alright
the jungle did not harm him
the prayers did not alarm him
as they melted into silent early sleep, mother sleep

Sleep, father sleep
the land you left forgot you
there’s still some folks to talk to and your son is by your side
the printer loved you dearly
as he sang so sweet and clearly
in the churches of the prairie where we sleep, father sleep

Sleep, daughter sleep
your quiet heart is restless
tied up and defenseless and your smile is so bright
what riches are you seeking?
when pen and ink are leaking
onto pages that will make the monster sleep, daughter sleep

Sleep, brother sleep
your words are meant for fighting
your laughter rings of righting all the wrongs that held you tight
your parents do not own you
the future cannot loan you
night time visions for your waking hours of sleep, brother sleep

Sleep, lover sleep
your dreams will come tomorrow
we will not have to borrow any sunshine from the sky
the moon is softly shining
as our days they are unwinding
from the spool of everlasting, silent sleep
lover sleep, brother sleep, father sleep, daughter sleep, mother sleep
Track Name: It Won't Last
Quit the game, lay it down
the flashing lights, the talking town
erase the lines, put down the glass
It won’t last

Morning light spills around
moonlight shadows leave the ground
daylight peels away midnight’s mask
It won’t last

Rainy morning, she is gone
I should have known all along
human love fades like the noonday grass
It won’t last

We walk, we talk, we touch, we feel
that’s how we know this thing is for real

All the beauty, all the pain
all the sunshine, all the rain
this fire show of words, magic and good deeds all up in a flash
It won’t last
Track Name: 4 Walls
Another perfect ending to another perfect day
tomorrow’s found me waiting, expecting it that way
you may want 4 walls, well, I need a place to stay
but when the birds are singing, it’s hard to keep away

I sit among the music of nature’s finest band
symphony of earth life is trembling in our hands
take me, oh half moon, sheer glass and diving duck
bring me through the mist and drop me like a rock

I’ll soar downward through water grey and calm
land on the bottom wash the blood off of my palms
you still want 4 walls, I guess I need them too
If I leave these 4 walls I’d be leaving you

I’ll swim with you, oh beaver, the geese will ask me south
to winter in the sunshine, snowflakes in my mouth
I surface to the cold world, I gasp and look around
In the blooming of the dogwood eternity is found

Soaking up last moments, another perfect day
all the mess and heartache, I’ve got tears to give away
I’m waiting for a voice, I’ve heard it here before
this sparkling winter water holds me to its shore
Track Name: Study of Love
Study of Love

Love makes people do crazy things
make you buy a gun, it’ll make you buy a ring
make you pick a headstone or a parakeet that sings

Love let the baby cry in the dead of night
sometimes throws a punch and sometimes throws the fight
love make the jailor pay a visit to the judge
love, give that envelope a nudge

Now, men in this world wrap their hearts in steel
liquor, lines, and pages trying not to feel
but somewhere in a blanket, a shivering memory
the seed of love was planted in you and in me

Love mends fences and presses grapes to wine
torches the earth after harvest time
cuts to the bone just to save another breath
love ain’t afraid of a mess
Track Name: It's a Dream
I love you today, crazy
once or twice your love saved me
I’m amazed (you’re unphased)
& you’re still my baby

So much tick and tock behind us
find a quiet room, remind us
what we’re for (lock the door)
trouble will not find us

When you went away, girls night
thought I’d be alright, tough guy
I was wrong (love is strong)
empty beds don’t feel right

Stars were made to shine above me
and the way you move, lovely
I don’t know (I’m so slow)
you were made to love me

Darling when you go, take me
you know that this world can break me
It’s a dream (so it seems)
Well, if it is don’t wake me
Track Name: Crazy Fool
I work to pay the bills
a little bit dies every day
it gets reborn as a song that ends up choking out the killer
LPs and whole notes gonna line my grave

As I fall asleep next to you
the blanket breathes up and down
The snow fills up the streets, can I tell you the truth?
I hope we never, ever get to town

crazy fool
I never knew that you could dance just like Madonna
crazy fool

This shiny world wears thin
find a new reason to smile
that isn’t some TV show or some God-forsaken device
and I’ll stay with you for a long, long while

crazy fool
one brush with death and I’ve ascended to the mountain
crazy fool

I still love you like a crazy fool
and you’ll wake up soon if I don’t kill this light
But for now you’re asleep, we see eye-to-eye and you’re still mine
and that makes almost everything alright

crazy fool
I never knew that you could dance just like Madonna
crazy fool
Track Name: Losing Things
He went to the field not sure what to do
since the plane went down, Christmas Eve in Peru
he’d come undone the work bell rings
he’s getting tired of losing things

He didn’t know what hit him, so easy to upset
faces and names, so easy to forget
sitting at the piano, the broken record sings
this one’s called ‘Losing Things’

They drove downtown and I went with
the doctor said it’s part of it
losing things is a part of life
still that doesn’t make it right

He tells me his dreams, his memories too
gotta get ‘em out, there’s nothing left to do
he knows they’ll be gone on tomorrow’s wings
he’s getting pretty good at losing things

The farm, the chains the tractor too
he can’t recall what he’s supposed to do
frets for the safety of his youngest kin
we all watch him losing things

In the basement dark, away from it all
she holds his hand, as he faces the wall
she’s lost before, she questions the King
why do we keep losing things?

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