Bird In Your Tree

by Mark Schirmacher

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It’s one of those nights when a man could die, so satisfied sirens wail, we shared a plate, saw behind the veil, and now we wait The night air, it has a chill the candles, they burn down to nothing Sleep comes on easy our love has been satisfied The reed-man calls us to STOP as the cars run the streets We find our space in the dark and our quiet eyes they try to meet The troubles that follow us have no good hold on us anymore Looking through keyholes jealous as we twist behind this locked door We’re Satisfied, Satisfied Keep it tight in your dreams, with the yellow sun trapped inbetween ‘cuz I’ll crash your machine with my wild heart stitched out to the seams ‘Cuz I’ve got a plan & I’ll spend it all in one place I’ve got a thousand ways - I can find a thousand ways to kiss your face ‘til you’re Satisfied, Satisfied It’s one of those nights when a man could die, so satisfied Sure as the dawn kills my sleep, the wolf eats my sheep and I’m still satisfied I’m Satisfied
I love you like the maple tree red and orange from summer green Soon after icy winter snows springtime sap begins to flow I’m happy, like a bird in your tree I love you like the scrabbly pine towering rest for freeloaders and vines In your shade the owl spits her bones and fearful birds create their homes I’m happy, like a bird in your tree I love you like the Aspen Quakes in the wind, the leaves, they celebrate They raise their faces to the sky Silver hands flutter like your eyes - when you see me All things have their time to live and grow Deadwood warms the fireglow loved ones gather ‘round leaping flames Children, tears, and rings, we count the days I’m happy, like a bird in your tree
I feel it coming on, you’re here and then you’re gone and back again & starring in a song you wrote it line by line When will you be mine? I’ve had you in my arms, you know familiar with the rush and then the flow and the slowly burning shine When will you be mine? When will you be mine? You crawl away a wreck, return a perfect pearl a diamond from the dark earth, a woman from a girl an easy ocean current covering a crime When will you be mine? I can’t think straight, you trickle through my fingers I can’t make a rhyme It feels so good when you’re here with me I wanna stop time One night with you and I got no choice but to lose my mind When will you be mine? When we come together the fury shakes the floor I kiss you in the morning, you leave an open door you slip into the moonlight, I read between the lines When will you be mine?
This Night, get out of the house can you see me through your sadness? So far, so good, I’ll just take a little drive I must be feeling blue I wanna be alone or be alone with you These kids, wanna love ‘em and leave ‘em they sure want their 50 dollars new this, new that, makes me wanna holler this generation can’t even tie their shoes I wanna be alone or be alone with you Woman, It’s been too long since I shook you down no shirt, no shoes let’s try and get to some service around here This Night, I wait in the car just a minute longer I go back to a time we felt a little stronger forever promises are too good to be true I wanna be alone or be alone with you This Night, if I come home late and lay down next to you will your hair smell sweet or will you pretend to be asleep? Like all the young wives do I wanna be alone or be alone with you
Here, the longest night of the year I watch you walk away You turn back and smile It’s cold, dark Red lights trapped in a jar illuminate Barefoot and purple lace All those nights a year ago my eyes were filled with candlelight and wine It was borrowed time We try so hard, but we only have today Our bodies will rust and our eyes will fall away So hold me tight on the longest night of the year You, you’re waiting for some big change or nothing at all I’m not tired You can turn out the light Wait, the dawn is yet to come Steady as a winter’s chill There’s ice on the window sill All those nights a year ago my eyes were filled with candlelight and wine It was borrowed time The other shoe fell, move slowly, we can’t rewind This moment will pass like a flicker in a faded mind So hold me tight on the longest night of the year
My old man acts like a young man puts this young man’s heart in the race his eyes are bad, his spirit is glad he’s got laughter in the lines of his face He’s an old man with working hands likes to put ‘em in the land, build up his place now, this young man loves this old man with laughter in the lines of his face Young man, don’t you make plans you’re too busy doin’ old man, keep making plans teeth too old for chewin’, heart too full for bluin’ world too full of ruin to get caught up in the chase he’s got laughter in the lines of his face I’m a sleepy man with calloused hands and a brain shaped like a guitar I’ll find my own path in the aftermath of a good woman’s love and a falling star I’m a simple man suckin’ on rhubarb jam that I growed from plants in my backyard got ‘em from an old man, family in his hands He done left this world, he worked so hard I’m a spoiled man with a purple crayon tryin’ to draw my way outta this room with my good wife, gonna live a favored life layin’ out underneath the howling moon I’m not a young man, more like an old man and when I’m an old man, I’m gonna laugh gonna laugh long and loud, like the belly of a thundercloud like a papa sunburned and proud in a photograph
She saw you staring at the moon in the park, in the dark by the light of the moon Are you okay? I find your smile Tired and sore At your house there’s a mouse asleep at your door Are you okay? When is the last time you cried? Was it back in your homeland or just last night? Do you silence the voices by stepping outside? Your songs are sad as a fatherless son The birds in your words flutter and then some Are you okay?


Minnesota songwriter's 2018 collection of folk/rock/pop songs.


released February 9, 2018

Mark Schirmacher: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Piano,
Michael McGarthwaite: Electric Guitar
Kelley Lima: Drums
Mike Tenhoff: Trumpet

Produced by Christian Andrews and Mark Schirmacher
Recording Engineer: Kevin Bowe
Assistant Engineers: Connor de Borhegyi, Joshua Franciscus, Tiffani Lieble, Nick Schwartz, and Drew Toddy
Mixed by Christian Andrews
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering

Recorded at MasterMix Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 23-24 and November 15, 2017

Artwork, Design & Layout by Alexis Politz
All songs written by Mark Schirmacher ©2018 CATINABOX (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mark Schirmacher Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mark Schirmacher is an American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. For information on bookings or collaborations, visit

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