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miles + minutes

by Mark Schirmacher

I’ll build you a tower, alphabet blocks I can’t quite think and I can’t quite talk But I feel your love up and down the block - Build you a tower I’ll build you a promise with my little hands I brought you joy but I ruined your plans One day I’m gonna be your little man - Build you a promise I’ll build you a something with my little heart Time and fire will break it apart Maybe I’ll be with you back at the start I’ll build you a moment for then and for now Miles and minutes, I’ve learned to slow down I see a slight touch of grey in your brow - Build you a moment I’ll build you a something with my little heart Time and fire will break it apart Maybe I’ll be with you back at the start Build you a box for your weary bones Now climb inside, it’s time to go home And when you’re gone will I then be alone? I’ll build you a garden with nice things that grow They answer the sun and show what they know They’ll keep on teaching me all that you know - Build you a garden
Leaves are black, window blue Shadows gather, scatter too ‘Cross the dimly lighted stage lead on the page Take me in, send me out Another night in the ol’ doghouse A holy temple without a sage lead on the page My birthday came, and almost went A sum of years to soon forget Another day, another age - lead on the page Wind comes up, night comes down My favorite person left this town Barely feelin’ minimum wage lead on the page It felt so good to see you smile Left my body for awhile High above my gilded cage lead on the page I love you You love me How bad can it be? More than words, less than deeds You’re what every drunken sailor needs Flesh and blood to quell the rage lead on the page So many feelings, so little space I just wanna touch your face… Not lead on the page
Little Bird 02:43
Little bird Your song will take you far away from here Desert wind, a lullaby that whispers in your ear Always moving westward, little bird so dear Little bird Through streets and temples I have seen you roam Gathering the seeds between the harvest and the stones Always finding harmony, perfectly alone Silence plays your song Madness sings along Little bird Keep searching for that perfect melody Fly away, your heart will take you far away from me Find a nest by nightfall, before you reach the sea Silence plays your song
We lie together side x side It doesn’t matter how you’ve lied If I come clean mama, would you be stunned Or would you just ask me, ‘Why do you run? You have what you need, your lot is secure Food on the table, blood on the door A powerful sponsor, the war has been won Still you search blindly, why do you run? Why do you run? I come to your shelter, you ask me to sit I recognize you but it just doesn’t fit The nail holes, the questions, bright as the sun My heart is exploding, why do you run? I leave you completely, wander the land The house is now empty, I study my hands Somewhere in secret, you look like the one A stranger asks softly, ‘Why do you run?’ Why do you run? We lie together side x side It doesn’t matter how you’ve lied I’m-a-keep you and love you no matter what you’ve done This one’s for measure, why do you run?
Do Better things await us? The pool will soon be clear The land of sea and sunshine Is far away from here I look out of my window And all I see is snow Do better things await us I’m ready to be shown Escaped the hall of mirrors A room with smoky walls The house that brought a hundred years And more than enough falls These days are for more reticent Than the dregs we used to drink Do better things await us Or am I just lost in think Madness, death, and jealousy Paraded through our town I even left an offering Buried in the ground I almost lost you 1,2,3 and 4, you were gone too Do better things await us I’m lacing up my shoes Do better things await us? Now that giants sleep Trees bear no resemblance To the secrets that I keep Arms outstretched, faces turned To feel the sun’s great light Do better things await us In another perfect life Quickly as I move along Through words and thoughts so vast Reminded of the bitter sweet Desires of the past My children grow, my parents know Their tree is full of leaves Do better things await us For those who dare believe My feet are fixed, a path is clear To sunsets on the land The seagulls make a pity cry To my unopened hands And if these days be empty And hold no splendid love Better things await us From below or from above


my latest and greatest (?), well, certainly my latest creation. hope, love, optimism, doubt, light, bible stories, human suffering, a string quartet, playful mandolin, dobro from the great American Southwest, "I will chase you down, hunt you to the ends of the earth, and love you."

I hope you find something to cherish inside these 5 songs. I'm stretching the sound a little here, hope you can hang on. I love these songs, producing with Christian Andrews was a joy, as always, and we've made a set of songs that tell a story that needs to be told in 2020-2021.

Love is stronger than any other force in the world, and love in the flesh is always better than love in some ideal fashion. Sometimes one gets us to the other...sometimes the desert leaves us high and dry...and sometimes, our best selves are waiting for the most extreme temperatures to blossom.

Enjoy these songs - follow Mark Schirmacher on Instagram @catinabox9 or write me at info@markschirmacher.com

Peace & Love - m


released September 28, 2021

Produced by Christian Andrews
Recorded at Casinotime studios, NE Minneapolis, and Fridley Manor, MN.


all rights reserved



Mark Schirmacher Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mark Schirmacher is an American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. For information on bookings or collaborations, visit www.markschirmacher.com.

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